Los Gigantes

Why Choose Los Gigantes For Your Property

Nearly everyone is impressed with the massive Los Gigantes cliffs, which is a 6-mile-long and 1,600-feet-high impressive ridge that plunges down to the Atlantic Ocean. A purpose-built resort is located at the foot of the mountains, which, due to having only one direction to grow in, fans out from the harbour and then up the steep hills and past them. Los Gigantes is not well-suited for the mobility-impaired but has still become very popular among the older generation.

A beautiful marine lined with quayside restaurants and bars is the focal point. Watching the private yachts and excursion boats come and go is worth the price of a coffee or beer. If you would like to go beyond being a spectator, deep-sea fishing excursions and diving trips depart on a daily basis. For something that is even more adventurous, speak to the crew on the yachts in the harbor, you could end up landing a crew position yourself and sail the Caribbean.

Los Gigantes has a small beach, but it is not a tropical paradise. It can be found by walking down the street that runs parallel to the harbour cafes and bars.

The resort joins with Puerto de Santiago th the south, which then seamlessly slides into the Playa de la Arena – which is becoming increasingly popular with UK holiday goers. The 4-star impressive Hotel Playa la Arena is the best place to stay at. The Playa de la Arena beach is distinctly different. It is black. That is the sand’s natural colour on the island. All the other beaches have either imported gold sand or dug it up from the sea bed offshore and moved it to the shoreline.

It isn’t far from Los Gigantes to the Shangri-La of Tenerife – the hidden village called Masca. Also, it is a very short distance to Buenavista Golf – which is one of the island’s newest golf courses.

One of the very best ways to discover and explore all of the best parts of the area is to be sure to visit Masca. This is a small, unique, and unspoiled village that is tucked away in the western Tenerife valleys. Hike down into the deep Barranco and all the way down to the coast where there will be a glass-bottom boat waiting there to take you back to the Los Gigantes port. On your trip back to Los Gigantes, you can watch the dolphins and whales as you travel past the massive cliffs of Los Gigantes (with their apt name of the Giants!).

Finally, if you like what you see and want to find out about owning a home in the beautiful location, then get in touch with this well known Los Gigantes estate agent who can help give you advice and provide an excellent selection of Los Gigantes properties for you to choose from.


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